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Zlovedoll conducted an on-site inspection of SY Doll and summarized the characteristics of SYdoll’s products. You can click the directory below to quickly jump to the content you are interested in.

Features of SYDoll


  1. Body Shape Innovation

Are You an Ass Man?

SYDOLL has been highly innovative and creative in body design and have created 2 largely popular body shapes. One being the super fat butt sex doll with a hip circumference of 138 cm. The other, a sex doll with a height of 176 cm. Innovation never stops! Recently they have also developed a new type of drooping breast design, “papaya breast.”

Big Ass Lover!

In response to the needs of big butt lovers, SYDOLL has developed a super fat butt sex doll with a hip circumference of 138 cm. The super fat butt not only brings you a top visual feast, but also makes a good “ass pounding” feel soft and comfortable.

Bigger Ass Without the Weight

SYDOLL applies light-weight technology in doll production. This application on average has reduced doll eight by 13%. Light-weight technology makes the dolls easier to handle, enhancing customer experience.

Height Bust Waist Hip Shoulder Width Foot Length Weight
163cm Regular 103cm 69cm 138cm 42cm 21cm 61kg
163cm Weight Loss 103cm 69cm 142cm 42cm 21cm 70kg

Like Big Asses with Wider Hips?

The standard super fat ass sex doll comes with hip circumference of 138 cm. But, if you love curvier hips, you can opt for a wider hip design. Premiering the fat ass huge hip design!

157cm Fat Ass Sex Doll

Height Bust Waist Hip Shoulder Width Foot Length Weight
157cm 95cm 63cm 123cm 38cm 21cm 52kg

148cm fat ass sex doll

Height Bust Waist Hip Shoulder Width Foot Length Weight
148cm 90cm 70cm 125cm 38cm 22cm 58kg

176cm tall sex doll

Tall sex dolls are full of unique appeal, but they are hard to find. SYDOLL has developed a sex doll with a height of 176 cm, turning imagination into reality.

Have a Fetish for Long Legs?

Slender limbs, beautiful body shape. Sexy legs of 115 cm make some impossible sex positions completely possible, such as exotic standing positions, allowing you to feel a different unique charm.

Height Bust Waist Hip Shoulder Width
Foot Length Weight
176cm 98cm 55cm 106cm 36cm 20cm 52kg

Papaya breast

The Ultimate Motorboat Material! Titties That Dangle

SYDOLL has developed a new papaya-like breast shape, named “papaya breast.” The chest droops naturally like a papaya, and it will dangle during sex. They are soft, natural, and unstoppable!

Height Bust Waist Hip Shoulder Width Foot Length Weight
171cm 87cm 56cm 91cm 37cm 20cm 39kg

Intelligent Innovation

Announcing: The New Generation Sex Doll

SYDOLL is not only a leader in body design, but they also conduct advanced research in artificial intelligence and have developed both electric buttocks sex dolls and AI robot sex dolls. This big step forward in sex doll innovation has solved the problem of a lack of interaction and mobility

Electric hip sex doll

Shake That Fat Ass, Baby!

The electric hip sex doll comes with automatic machine parts, embedded within buttocks region, allowing for dolls to twist and move just like a real human. See them in action, try them out for yourself!

Experience a doll which makes its own moves.

Electric buttocks sex dolls come in two configurations. Based on your needs, you can choose from the charging configuration or the plug-in configuration.

powered by Advanced iFrame. Get the Pro version on CodeCanyon.

Charging configuration (built-in battery)-video

  • How to Use:: Use when fully charged
  • Charging time: 1.5h-2h.
  • Usage time: A full charge can operate for 5 hours.

powered by Advanced iFrame. Get the Pro version on CodeCanyon.

Plug-in configuration (without built-in battery)-video

powered by Advanced iFrame. Get the Pro version on CodeCanyon.

Plug-in configuration version (without built-in battery)-Video 2

How to Use: Plug and play


  1. Avoid sharp objects piercing the skin of the doll. Shag on a soft bed!
  2. Make sure the electric buttocks is turned off when changing or when turning over the doll position. Do not force a position when the electricity is on.
  3. Let that ass cool off after 2 hours of continuously use. She will need to rest for at least 10-30 minutes for every 2 hours of pounding.
  4. After each use, please clean and powder the contact area of ​​the electric hip doll.

AI Robot Sex Doll

Build a Relationship! Looking for More Than a Shag?

SYDOLL has installed an artificial intelligence machine on the head of the sex doll allowing the sex doll to perform tasks such as voice conversation and facial expression recognition. After spending some time with the robot, the robot will remember your name, hobbies, understand your mood, and become a gentle, patient soul mate sharing daily life with you!

Learn how to use AI robot sex dolls and move by viewing the following videos.

powered by Advanced iFrame. Get the Pro version on CodeCanyon.

(Video using AI sex dolls)

powered by Advanced iFrame. Get the Pro version on CodeCanyon.

(voice conversation and facial expression recognition)

The AI ​​sex doll has the following features:

  1. Sexual and non-sexual interactive conversations, including groans.
  2. Facial movement (head, neck, eyes, and mouth)
  3. Real artificial intelligence with a certain ability for autonomous learning! You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and download information and software

Head features:

  • Responds to conversation with facial expressions that are natural. Also has ability to smile, make faces, etc.
  • Moveable head: The head can turn left and right, tilt left and right
  • The eyes can blink, squint. Can also roll the eyes at you:)

  • The mouth will move according to the content of the speech.

Physical characteristics:

> Multiple Built-in touch sensors will feel your touch and respond with verbal expressions and groans.

> A Heating system which can reach a body temperature of 37°C, just like a real person, providing a more realistic body.

After-sales service

> One-year Body Warranty – swap out damaged body parts – Customer bears shipping costs

> One-year Power charger Warranty. Customer bears shipping costs

> The factory is not responsible for skin punctures or mechanical damage caused by improper use

Product voltage of 24V driving voltage, which fully complies with global safety standards. Supports multiple language such as English and Chinese. With each order, SYDOLL will send a conversion plug suitable for your country of residence.

  1. Makeup Innovation

The importance of makeup goes without saying. Different makeup depicts different emotions and arouse different feelings. In addition to offering regular makeup, SYDOLL also offers more innovated makeup options including healthy natural freckles and stylish party makeup, etc.

If you want to add freckles or fashionable party makeup to your sex doll, please contact our online customer service for details.

Freckle makeup

Fashion party makeup


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